The beginning of march brings us into the shoulder months of produce, held up a bit more by the recent rain in southern california.   We continue with local baby greens from Jah’s Organics along with alternating between delicious broccoleaf,   broccoli dicicco[the original version of broccoli], and broccoli rabe.

This week we are anticipating a new type of citrus,  the Orange-T lemon.    It is another form of lemon that is sweet and made to eat as an orange.  Blood oranges are here as well.  They are the only orange that helps to control insulin and will not spike blood sugars.   They also carry the properties of superfoods due to their color.   Delicious,  great for you, and interesting!  Don’t forget the opal apples either,  they are wonderful cut in salads as theydo not yellow when cut.  Try them in our tuna wraps!