Maitake Yourtaki


We are saying goodbye to cara cara navel oranges and Jah's asian greens, only to look forward to asparagus, and maitake otherwise known as hens in the woods mushrooms.  

These mushrooms are delicious just sautéed with salt, pepper and good olive oil, but are wonderful in a good stir fry as well. 

Last week I:

Marinated Hodo Tofu in mixture below for 2 hours:

  3 T. mirin

3 T. tamari

2t.fresh ginger

red pepper flakes

2 cloves chopped garlic


After marinating, saute 1 julienne carrot, zucchini, celery stalk, and a package of the sliced maitake in sesame oil until cooked but still a bit crispy.  

Add the tofu and marinade.  

I made mine with soba noodles, but you could use udon or rice.  This would generously feed 2 people.  

The delicious mandarin oranges we now have would be a great dessert!