November Produce Report


Mid-fall is bringing us beautiful local produce from Jah's Organics, including: kale, cilantro, and salad greens. Don't miss these delectable local greens!

Highlights of other vegetables include brussel sprouts, green beans, cippollini onions andhoney-nut squash.

  Honey-nut squash is a more condensed and smaller version of butternut squash.  It is easier to cut and cooks in less time.  An easy and delicious dinner idea is to cut it in sections, seed it,  and boil it with your favorite pasta  [our new cheese tortellini, Artisola works really well!].   Meantime,  saute sliced mushrooms, quartered brussels sprouts, and garlic in olive oil.  Season with salt & pepper, thyme, and nutmeg.   When pasta is cooked,  scoop the squash from it's skin and stir everything together.  Top with our GSM grana padano. Mmmm!

We have Opal Apples again! Crisp, sweet and slow to brown! Along with our usual varieties.  Blueberries and avocados continue to be on the pricey side,  as there are shortages nationwide, but at least we can order them again.  Mangoes and kiwis are replacing some of the summer fruits. As always, grown organically!


-Terri- Your Produce Diva