Brand Pick: Jackson's Honest

Here at Green Street, we love
Jackson's Honest!

We tried these chips just recently and fell in love. Just in time for summer, these chips are the perfect blend of salty and crisp. However, we do not just like the chips....we love the brand!

Jackson's Honest was created for the founder's children so that they could have a healthy alternative to the highly processed chips on the market. All of their chips are fried in coconut oil, a super healthy alternative to the "denatured polyunsaturated frying oils" used by other brands.

Though, the idea of them only using coconut oil is a great reason to love this brand, we also love that they are a real family. They care about what they feed their children and what kind of ingredients are being consumed by their customers. They are organic and NON-GMO certified, which means that we will be eating these like crazy!

Here at Green Street, we want to educate our customers and Jackson's Honest is one of those brands you must look up and read more about! Head into the market today and pick up a large bag or a small bag and get ready to embark on a coconut oil adventure for your taste buds!