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Prices and descriptions are listed below


Mommy & Me Yoga
 Donation based 

Moms (and Dads/Guardians) can bring their little ones to learn self awareness tools together. 
We will stretch, breathe and relax in a fun and kid loving environment. Silliness is a requirement!
Geared for toddlers and pre-school aged kids, but all are welcome to attend! 


Green Street Kids Story Time
 Free, join us! 

Come in for a story before you shop or nap! Alternating story tellers will bring
their favorite stories, may include puppetry, crafts and who knows what else!

Green Street Kids Open Arts&Crafts
$2 donation or Art Supply donation suggested

Stop by anytime between 11-2 to let your kids get messy and creative!
Lots of craft supplies and fun to choose from.



Chair Yoga
$5 per class

Stretch, Breathe & Relax and Feel the Sweet Breeze of Peace of Mind - all levels welcome!
led by Karen Manette Bosna "The Gypsy Yogini"  



OMasis Yoga with Alexander Schimmel
$24 for series in advance $7 drop in

Alex is back with another inspirational yoga series! Don't miss this one!
He'll be leaving shortly after for a break to continue his learning and get his 500 hour!

4 week series of the 4 paths of yoga.


Restorative Yoga with Tammy Decker
Donation Suggested

Restorative Yoga: One move will compliment the other, also using kundalini breath to
prepare the body to release the stress in Savasana. Relaxation.
Tammy has been teaching yoga in the community for over 20 years!


Yoga Flow w/ Karen Manette Bosna
$5 per class 

Stretch, Breathe & Relax and Feel the Sweet Breeze of Peace of Mind - all levels welcome! 
led by Karen Manette Bosna "The Gypsy Yogini" 


Only $5 a class! First one is FREE!

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Come join the Party at Green Street Market Community Room! ZUMBA has 
aptly been nicknamed “exercise in disguise,” because it feels like a party, while providing an aerobic workout. 
ZUMBA is a fitness program that motivates without judging; instructors and classmates are always welcoming and encouraging. Just “Feel the Music,” follow the instructor, and most importantly try to keep moving. 
The aim is to help each individual in class have fun and be successful. So, love yourself and try ZUMBA!

Wear comfortable (but not too loose) workout clothes; leggings or capri-length pants may keep your leg muscles warmer than athletic shorts. Wear regular workout shoes or dance shoes if you have them.

Bottled water is essential, and a small towel or bandana to wipe your face is useful as well.


American Eagle Tai Chi & Qi Gong
$7 per class

Relaxation ~ Circulation
Certified instructors with 45 years experience 


Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness for Beginners. Join us for this half hour class to begin or deepen
your practice of mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation. It is a life changer!


Crystal Meditation
Donations accepted

Join us on the second and fourth Sunday of each month for crystal meditation!
Crystals help us attune to and discern the various manifestation of Spirit within and around us.
Each crystal meditation will offer you a chance for unique experience weather new to meditation or not.
We alternate through guided meditation, chakra meditation and global healing meditations,
each time offering you a variety of crystals to journey with. 


Culture Club
$15 per class to join, supplies included.

Exploring the fermentation process and the helpful benefits of live cultures.


 Lunch & Learn
Free to sit in, though we encourage purchasing a tasty nibble from the store.

Stop in to GSM to grab your lunch on Thursdays and step into the
Community Room for a variety of learning experiences. We'll have something different each week,
informative documentaries about food and/or health, Q&A's with various
informative folks: nutritionists, farmers, supplement representatives, and more!